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Joyner Studio​

                Purveyors of fine eldritch collectibles since 730 A.D.

King Cthulhu

Collectible Statue - 22" tall solid resin cast
In stock
Product Details

King Cthulhu, limited casting - hand-sculpted and hand-cast, signed and numbered.

- Limited Sale, $50 off retail price of $750

The arms, wings and tail are keyed to the body so the components connect properly. Always recommended are drilling in connecting rods and epoxy glue for long term stability. Patch (white putty, Bondo, etc.) might be needed for joints if warranted.

  • King Cthulhu balances perfectly, wings and tail backwards balancing the arms and feet.
  • The white cast pictures are the raw fresh cast, and the grey is coated with gray fine hobby spray primer.
  • 13 lbs.
  • 18"w x 22"h x 17"d
  • Handmade high quality collectible statue.
  • Unpainted urethane cast
  • US and International Shipping available.
  • Shipped domestically through FedEx Ground, Internationally through USPS Express.
  • Each complete cast is hand-signed and numbered.
  • All sales final.
  • Limited casting.
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